We all struggle at times with anxiety, hurt, frustration, confusion, loneliness, or feeling overwhelmed. Counseling and therapy provides a safe and confidential place to support emotional healing and growth that will create hope and balance in your life.  



  If you are experiencing communication difficulties…. If you feel misunderstood, invalidated, or unloved… If you feel a lack of connection with your partner… Counseling & therapy can help you reconnect and create a healthier way of relating.   



 We live in a text messaging and snap chatting world that often depicts the highlight reel of people’s lives rather than what happens behind the scenes. Parenting is difficult – where is the app for that? Counseling and therapy offers an opportunity to reconnect as a family system.    

Stress Management


 Life is messy. Counseling & therapy can help you make sense of challenges and difficulties as a part of the journey of our lives. By connecting your heart and listening to your inner voice, you can live an authentic life that honors who you are as a person in your mind, spirit, and health.   

Diagnosis & Neuroscience


ADHD, Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression. 

We provide the reasoning and science behind your diagnosis. Counseling and therapy will help you understand your brain and help you implement effective healthy coping skills and create new behavior patterns so you can live a healthy, balanced life.   

Counseling & Therapy


Counseling & therapy may be helpful if:  You’ve tried everything and nothing is changing. You feel stuck and don’t know how to change. You are ready to dig in and do the work. We give you the reasoning and science behind relationship distress focusing on real world solutions and strategies to bring happiness to your life.   

Sometimes we need to talk to someone that will help us see things through a different perspective …